About Us

Mission Statement: To promote safety, environmental stewardship and standardized training for all contractors and employees in the DJ Basin, and encourage a cordial and working relationship with the municipalities and citizens of Colorado.

  The DJ Basin Safety Council is a not-for-profit organization which
began to promote standardized safety training for major producers in the oil and gas industry. Our goal was to assist contractors in locating cost effective training to help meet safety requirements
set by major oil companies. Over the years our mission has expanded to include sharing safety information and requirements with contractors, operators, emergency personnel, and community members within the areas we perform operations.  As active members of the oil and gas industry, we work closely with communities, government and other organizations for the
benefit of all involved. We work as a safety liaison between producers, contractors and
government organizations. We have worked closely with OSHA personnel and developed an ongoing Alliance Partnership to keep safety at the forefront of everything we do.  Join the DJ Basin Safety Council and we’ll work together to promote environmental & safety awareness and industry advancement through standardized safety training, safety collaboration and information sharing, and operational responsibility.